A creative partnership offering
direction, design & development.

Digital Signage

Project 01

Digital Signage

Yolk Interactive works with Digital Signage Group to produce instore digital signage for 7-Eleven. We also build for APN, OOH! and Adshell and all major providers.

  • Client: 7 Eleven
  • Role: Design and animation for digital signage
  • Year: 2018

Banner Advertising

Project 02

Banner Advertising

Yolk is a specialist in HTML5 banner adverting. We can use your creative and develop HTML banner campaigns, or build banners from scratch. Yolk won 2015 Best Gay/lesbian Online Ad in 2015 at the Internet Advertising Competition Awards

  • Client: Various
  • Role: Design, HTML 5, Sizmek, DoubleClick, Smart Versioning, Video
  • Year: 2018

Video Editing

Project 09

Billabong Water

Billabong water have developed small potable drinking water plants for livestock and human consumption. Yolk created a video for them to show their customers some insight to why they developed this system.

  • Client: Billabong Water
  • Role: Production
  • Year: 2016

3D Video Production

Project 10

Nulok Roofing Instructional Video

Yolk produces 3D instructional videos for Nulok Roofing.

  • Client: Nulok Roofing
  • Role: 3D Video Production
  • Year: 2018

Custom Wordpress

Project 03

20 Facts All Gay Men Should Know

We designed and develop a custom interactive facts page, which we incorporated seamlessly into the Ending HIV Wordpress site. We created an interesting and clear way of displaying a lot of content, and adapted custom code into an existing site.

  • Client: ACON
  • Role: Concept, design, development
  • Year: 2015

Mobile Applications

Project 04

University Heroes

Yolk developed a mobile and tablet, Android and iOS game for Sydney University Centre for English Training. The App is a game available on the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store

  • Client: Sydney University Centre for English Teaching
  • Role: Mobile development
  • Year: 2014

Childrens Applications

Project 07

Kitty Pom

We designed and develop an interactive book and game for children under 5.

  • Client: Yolk
  • Role: Concept, design, development
  • Year: 2015


Project 08


We are experts in developing Elearning courseware for many varied industries. These courses are SCORM compliant, interactive and custom built for each client. Due to the sensitive nature of Elearning projects, the following examples are mockups only.

  • Client: Various
  • Role: Art Direction, Design, Development, SCORM
  • Year: 2018

Interactive Video

Project 05

T-World presents next

The Yolk team produced the interactive component of the T-World NEXT video which interacts with Facebook and Twitter.

  • Client: Eddie Zammit, Founder of T-World
  • Role: Interface design, Flash development
  • Year: 2012


Project 06

Clean Up Australia Game

The Yolk team were responsible for designing and developing a game which entertains and teaches children about recycling. The game has been played by over 27,000 students across Australia since May 2010.

  • Client: Clean Up Australia
  • Role: Art Direction, Illustration, Design, Flash Development
  • Year: 2010


Yolk Interactive offers a creative partnership and direction for our clients. Our strategic approach to creativity, design and development ensures inspiring, consistent and relevant communication solutions.

Our specialties: HTML5 banners, Sizmek, DoubleClick, Rich banners, Dynamic creative, Games and Dynamic video.

Yolk won 2015 Best Gay/lesbian Online Ad - Internet Advertising Award for Condom Statistics 2015


Yolk spent two years in London and Amsterdam working with some very talented individuals in companies such as Wieden+Kennedy, Ogilvy, AKQA, TomTom, Refunk, JWT, G2, and Williams Lea. Working in such positive environments fuelled Yolk's passion for building all kinds of material at the highest standard.

Yolk's team also collaborates with other creatives to produce the best solutions. The team of regular collaborators have been heavily involved in the art scene of Sydney and abroad.